A Diva for Justice

A Diva for Justice!

Attorney Kim Bell Andrews

If your Family Law case requires a personable, no-nonsense, experienced and passionate Trial Attorney who is all grit and no quit who will work tirelessly to get the Justice that you deserve, then you need 'A Diva For Justice' on your team!
The Diva specializes in Divorce, Child Custody & Visitation, Child Support, Father's Rights, Domestic Violence, Civil Protection Orders, and Anti-Stalking Orders among other family matters. If you are ready for some REAL representation, then give her a call today. The Diva has your Back!
Kim Bell Andrews is an experienced Trial Attorney practicing Family Law in the District of Columbia. She is known for her staunch passion for Justice and Equality! While completing her undergraduate degree at Southern Methodist University (SMU), Kim was an active member of SMU's Embrey Human Rights Program. While in law school to pursue her passion for Justice, she received a number of awards for her Human Rights activities. Among those activities was her work as a member of the National Lawyers Guild and receiving the 'Pro Bono Honors Award' for her distinguished Public Service hours working as an Intern for both the State Attorney's Office and the Public Defender's Office trial team. Kim was also a member of Florida Coastal's Moot Court Honor Board team that ranked #1 in the Nation during her tenure for winning the most appellate argument competitions around the country. This background of experience is reflected in how Kim zealously represents all of her clients in court with both BOLDNESS and PASSION and thus birthed her unique style of argument and competence in the courtroom that earned her the nickname, "A Diva for Justice!"
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